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DorStroy Holding and SIGONGtech partnership is the outright leader of the specialized exhibition and cultural industry, pursuing the state-of-the-artexhibit cultural facility through design, production and installation of the museum, scientific museum, exhibition and theme park.


SIGONGtech was founded in South Korea in 1988. From the moment of existence to this day, the company embodies the most ambitious creative ideas. The laser show for the Olympic Games in 1988 was the first experience in Seoul in using beam spectra.


With the help of innovative guidelines DorStroy Holdingand SIGONGtech can simultaneously master creative and specialized know-how of numerous projects. We provide maximum value to customers around the world, which has undoubtedly affected the success of the partnership.

Partnering with clients to build legacies for generations to come


Our clients count on us to think without limits. By harnessing the power of digital technology and innovation, and connecting our technical experts and visionaries around the world, we deliver tailored solutions and transformative outcomes for our clients and the communities they serve.


Accelerating ideas and innovation


By developing a culture that incorporates original ideas, we enhance our results. Our team is a symbiosis of idealistic challenges and innovative ideas that help generate fast-paced ideas to improve results at the team or project level.


We are delivering professional services throughout the project lifecycle.

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